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香蕉加速器- 优途加速器官网


Kurtis Mason

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香蕉加速器- 优途加速器官网

The Office of Trademarks and Licensing exists to protect the university’s reputation, good name and image by permitting only appropriate uses and assuring that only quality products bear the institution’s name, initials or marks.

香蕉加速器- 优途加速器官网

  • Use OSU's trademarks
    Oklahoma State University has registered the names, logos, and trademarks of the university with the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States as well as the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Products bearing those marks and distributed for resale or used for other promotional purposes are subject to the licensing policies of the University.

Our marks and how to use them



  • Report unlicensed logo usage
    If you suspect that a product is unlicensed, please fill out the following form and your information will be forwarded to the Collegiate Licensing Company.

Report an unlicensed product

Find approved vendors

Become a licensed vendor


  • Crafter's Program
    Oklahoma State University oversees a program for crafters that supports creativity while maintaining the integrity of OSU’s brand and preventing the sale of infringing craft products.

Join the Crafters Program


  • Film on campus
    If you would like to film any on-campus locations, please fill out the form below.

Request to film on campus

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